Your First Meeting

Your First Meeting

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We know that hiring a lawyer can feel like an overwhelming process. We want to help you understand what to expect during your first meeting. To learn more, click on the type of legal issue you are facing:

Social Security Disability

Having a social security claim denied can make you feel like there is no where to turn. The fact is, valid SSDI and SSI claims are denied every day, leaving people who are eligible for benefits in a difficult situation. Our Social Security practice was designed to help people get access to the benefits they deserve. We can review your case and help you understand the eligibility requirements for your unique situation. If you choose to hire us to represent you, there are no up-front fees. Instead, we are paid a percentage of the recovery we secure on your behalf.

If you are having trouble securing Social Security benefits, click here to learn more.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have been hurt at work, it can be hard to get good information about how to get treatment and ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Workers’ compensation law and the benefits that are available to an injured worker can be complex, and the insurance companies are not always very clear about the full scope of benefits that are available such as job retraining, compensation for time missed from work and more.

To learn more about how our work comp attorneys can help you, click here.

Divorce & Family Law

Once you have realized that you are going to get a divorce, there are a lot of choices to make; should you move out? Does moving out surrender your claim to the house? Can you leave with a car that is in both of your names? Can you empty a bank account? It’s normal to have questions, and speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible (ie, before you do anything that may be illegal or affect the outcome of your divorce). We speak to a lot of people who wish they would have known how their decisions would affect their divorce BEFORE they did something that can’t be undone. The process of divorce is basically a series of decisions; do not put your lawyer (and your divorce in general) at a disadvantage by already having made several wrong decisions before your lawyer gets involved. Speak to an experienced and effective family law attorney as soon as possible. Our consultation fee for divorce is $100. After the consultation, you will have a strong understanding of how Alabama family law applies to your situation, and your options for moving forward.

Learn more about how a divorce lawyer can help you and your family secure the best possible outcome here

Probate & Estate Administration

If you have been named as the administrator of an estate of someone who has passed away in Alabama, we can help. If you have siblings or other people who have a claim to the estate, it’s critical to get things right the first time. Every situation is unique; we will help you understand what to expect, and how to move forward. To learn more about our

Probate and Estate Administration Practice, click here.

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